Welcome to Dental In Sofia. Want to know more about us before you use our services. No Problem!

We are based in the center of Sofia operating from a modern well equipped surgery under a highly qualified dental surgeon Yavor who has over  15 years experience and speaks fluent English. He is a very experienced dentist in all types of complex dentistry. He graduated from the Dental School Of Sofia in 2006 after 6 years of study. He returned in 2009 to 2012 to qualify as a dental surgeon.

Bulgaria is known for many things namely its IT & medical services at extremely affordable prices. 

Bulgaria has a large expatriate population  mostly living  across countries in the EU. Bulgarians who live aboard regularly travel  

back to Bulgaria avail of dental treatment. Why? It offers a fantastic opportunity to avail of extremely affordable prices coupled

with a top tier service. 

This service is also available to you. We have now been established for over 2.5 years (since March 2014) and have treated many

happy expats who have traveled here to avail of dental treatment in Sofia. Contact Us today to learn more about our FREE Consultation package.