Getting Around Sofia

On your own time you may want to venture around Sofia. The best way to navigate Sofia is by Metro. The metro is new & modern and has currently two (blue & red) lines with a third (green line in the map) under construction. It is simple safe and so cheap to use. You can get an unlimited day pass for 2 Euro. You can also get week passes etc. That also covers you for all other forms of public transport. This opens the entire city to you to explore. If you wish to use the metro we will arrange tickets and a metro map for you and show you where the main metro station is.







As with any other capital city you have to be careful in Sofia when using taxis. Some taxi drivers see foreigners as easy pickings with their lack of local knowledge. We have a collaboration arrangement with a taxi firm here that will charge you the same as a Bulgarian will be charged. Taxis here are very cheap 0.35 Euro cent per kilometre (fraction of Irish & UK prices) but speak with us if you wish to use taxis here and we will steer you right.


Malls & Baggage

Sofia offers several modern shopping malls all within 5 to 10 minutes maximum from the center. You will be pleasantly surprised find that prices are 50-60% less than comparable products in Western Europe. If you buy products here and dont want to exceed your return flight baggage allowance you can send the baggage home cheaply by courier services here which are much cheaper than Western Europe. We can arrange this for you also.



Alternatively why not take a stroll through the center and soak up Eastern Europe’s cafe culture. We have all the big international coffee chains here from Starbucks to Costa Coffee. The coffee is delicious and a fraction of the cost of what you are normally used to. There is also a wide variety of museums across Sofia for the more culturally minded. Some previous clients opted for a morning on an indoor shooting range!




Want to take a trip back in time to the communist times? Bulgaria was under Soviet Union control for 45 Years. It was a very intriguing era of Bulgarian History. There are now professional communism tours of Sofia in Soviet era vehicles. The tour will take you around Sofia and you will see Soviet Era monuments and there are different tour options available to you. You can choose from a 1 hour tour to a full days tour. Contact us for further information as the tours are done by request.


Russian Army Monument