Have a browse through our FAQs and feel feel to contact us if you want something clarified/confirmed or its not listed below.

Where are you based? We are based in Sofia which is the capital city of Bulgaria.

Where is Bulgaria? Its in South-Eastern Europe.

Is Bulgaria in the EU? Yes it is nearly 10 years now.

Is Bulgaria safe? Yes completely safe.

Who owns the business? It is Irish and Bulgarian owned.

How long are you established? 2.5 years.

Whats your opening hours? 7 Days a week.

Have you insurance? Yes we have.

Do you undertake complex dental work? Yes we do.

Is the dentist also a dental surgeon? Yes he is.

How many years experience has the dentist got? 15 Years

Does the dentist speak English? Yes fluently.

Whats the minimum age of a patient? 16 Years of age. We dont accept patients below this age.

Are you cheaper than Budapest for dental services?  Yes we are by 20-30%

Are you cheaper than Irish/UK dental services? Yes considerably cheaper. We are 50-70% cheaper than Irish/UK dentists.

Will I have 24/7 support? Yes you will. When you are not with us you will have 24/7 phone support. You are guaranteed an answer and if you need us to be physically present we also ensure that as well. Remember your safety is our priority when you’re here. Since our business started we have had not one safety incident with a visiting patient and we intend keeping it like that.

Will you familiarize me with Sofia? Yes we will give you a quick orientation tour to show you where the main metro station is, the shopping district, and where to get taxis etc.

Do Bulgarian hospitals accept the European health insurance card? Yes they are obliged to by EU law. It is recommended you bring your European health insurance card for an unforeseen health emergency.

Will I have access to WIFI while Im Bulgaria as I need to be available? Yes Bulgaria has the second or third fastest broadband speed in the world and its freely available everywhere you go.

Will my phone work in Bulgaria? Yes it will but make sure you have roaming set up with your mobile operator before you come here. If you’re uncomfortable about using your phone here we will provide you with a phone and 10 Euro pre-paid credit which is payable by you. We also take a refundable deposit of 50 euros for the phone.

How can I pay for my treatment? By bank transfer to our company account or by cash while you are here.

What currency do you deal with? Our prices are in Euro but you can pay in other accepted currencies if you pay by cash while you’re here.

Will I get a discount for paying by cash? Yes you will, its 2% of the final amount.

Will you accept Sterling in cash for payment? Yes we will. We use  the XE Currency website to calculate the days exchange rate.

Will you pay for my initial consultation package? Yes we will subject to certain terms and conditions. Click Here to find out more.

Will you pick me up from Sofia airport? Yes we will.

Is this Free? Yes it is.

Any restrictions on the time of arrival? No we will pick you up at any time 24/7.

Will you pick me up outside Sofia for instance at Plovidv airport? Yes but this will incur a 140 Euro return charge.

Can I book my own accommodation? Yes of course.

Will you book my accommodation? Yes we will but you must confirm your flight booking first and send us a confirmation of the booking.

Will you book my flights? No, booking the flights is your own responsibility.