If you’re unsure of how it works please read through the steps below.

  1. You make contact with us to discuss your requirements. We give you an appointment dates that will mutually suit you and us. We can block off your dates for 96 hours.
  2. You book your flights to Sofia and confirm it with us then we confirm a concrete appointment date/time. Please note we cannot confirm a booking date/time until your flights are booked here to Sofia.
  3. If you book your accommodation through us you will receive the discounted rate we have negotiated with local hotels. You are under no obligation to book with us you are of course free to book your own accommodation.
  4. We will confirm everything by email with you before you travel here to Sofia.
  5. You will be met in Sofia airport by an English native speaker and depending on arrival time you will be ether taken to your hotel or straight to meet the dental surgeon to begin your treatment.


Consultation Process

There are two ways to begin the treatment. You will have to receive an initial consultation and you will be given all options from the treatment time to the price of treatment.

You have two options.

Start the treatment straight away or travel back at a later date to commence the treatment.